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    The original Ellis house was expanded in 1811. The Mansion went through a further transformation when in the mid 1800’s when Gilbert Drew purchased the house and added the second story. Gilbert Drew named the estate Maple Glen Farm. The Estate was then purchased by Harry Vail in 1920 and he occupied the home, with his family, until 1960. Roy Vail, a famed gunsmith having made shotguns for Bing Crosby and Dwight D. Eisenhower, and restored General George Washington’s personal Pistols, lived in the house and ran his gunsmith business from a nearby barn.

  • It was Roy Vail which added the Vail, Coal and Party rooms. As Local lore describes the life of Roy Vail was hit with tragedy when his sister was found murdered in 1972. There were no formal charges and her murder appeared to be without motive or suspect. With a small close community there were rumors about Roys possible involvement in the event, and a decade later, Roy Vail walked into the mansion, near table 24, and took his life.

  • The house was then sold to Ron Vitello Sr. who converted it into a restaurant and Inn and intended to name it The Vail House Inn. This conversion to an Inn and restaurant saw the addition of the lounge, kitchen and gardens. Then it was sold to its namesake Silvio, who for over two decades has been showcasing authentic Italian specialties that is now part of Warwick history.

Paranormal Experience


And yes items disappear and reappear days later. The owners have even experienced a coat rack in a closed closet furiously spinning when they opened the door. It was the priest, Father James, that was called in to bless the restaurant that was greeted with a bone numbing chill when he reached the basement which generated a buzz.

The North Jersey Paranormal Research Organization visited the restaurant and recorded employees’ accounts of a snowstorm that felled two old oak trees at the front of the house. They returned the next morning to be surprised that the trees were standing tall. Some days at the restaurant are normal, however, some days they are NOT!

John Zaffis and his team came to Silvio’s to make sense of the goings on. Their research can be seen on the SYFY”S channel The Haunted Collector, season 2 episode 3 “Haunted Villa”. As a haunted location we have had K104’s Woodman in the Morning hosting his Halloween radio show, and we were featured in Donna Reis’ “seeking Ghosts in The Warwick Valley”.